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Disruption Games: How to Thrive on Serial Failure–Introduction

July 29, 2020

Futurist and author Trond Arne Undheim reads from the introduction to his book Disruption Games: How to Thrive on Serial Failure which was published by Atmosphere Press in May, 2020. 


The takeaway is that taking part in disruption games, just like the Olympic Games, takes training and effort. The failures along the way can be immensely valuable. However, you cannot fail too fast. For failure to be instructive, it has to have a deep cost in time and energy. You can excel at disruption games by getting a feel for the game. You can only do that by going native, going deep, where failure hurts. Full immersian has real consequences. 


After listening, check out Disruption Games on the author's website, where you can also find retail options for the paperback, ebook and audiobook. 

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